Targeted at: Basic education teachers (grades 7-10), school principals and other interested parties

Time: Tuesday, 21.10.2010, from 10.00 - 15.30

Place: Aalto University of Economics, Arkadiankatu 28, 3rd floor, room 4: Halti ja Pyhä

The Association for HoPe Economics , the Finnish National Board of Education and the Helsinki Education Department are organizing a workshop about the current economic and entrepreneurship education targeted to interested school principals, teachers and other stakeholders. The workshop addresses the topics of economic and entrepreneurial education and explores tools that educators can apply in order to strengthen children’s and young people’s financial skills within school's daily activities.


Lunch and afternoon coffee are offered.


Registration until 13.10.2010:

PROGRAMME (lectures in Finnish)

10.00 Opening of the seminar / Outi Salo, Deputy Director, City of Helsinki Education Department
10.10 Employment and the future opportunities for the youth though economic education/ Arto Lahti, Professor, Aalto University School of Economics

10.30 Economic and entrepreneurship education in general education / Kristina Kaihari-Salminen, Councillor, Finnish National Board of Education

10.50 Entrepreneurial learning in entrepreneurship education / Paula Kyrö, Professor of Entrepreneurship Education, Aalto University School of Economics

11.10 Is youth’s household economy under control? / Anna-Riitta Lehtinen, Researcher, National Consumer Research Centre
11.40 Lunch break

12.30 Working groups’ work in teams under the guidance of facilitators
GROUP 1 Economic Literacy as a civil skill in a globalised environment, facilitator Arto Lahti
GROUP 2 Economic and Entrepreneurship Education in everyday school life, facilitator Kyrö Paula and Katrina Harjuhahto-Madetoja
14.00 Coffee break
14.20 Presentation of the results of the working groups
15.20 Closing remarks / Katrina Harjuhahto-Madetoja, Managing Director, The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates




Association for HoPe Economics

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